About Jen Woodall

First name Jen, last name Woodall.

I am Jen Talks Too Much and The Non-Mom. Both of these titles are based on facts and lead into the other. Because I talk so much, I also offer unsolicited and inexperienced parenting advice. You’re welcome parents.

I grew up in a small city and moved to the big city. I come from a very loving family and have been lucky to make great friends along the way. I like to know things, google is my favourite website and I’m never afraid to ask questions (even the dumb ones). My attention span is not the largest, so I try to keep myself entertained at all times.

Currently I’m working with a talented illustrator, Jennifer Huggins, and we are taking this blog and turning it into a book. Yup a book. It’s gonna be awesome. One of her latest illustrations is my new header on the site. That scary shark and that love struck girl…you know, that image. Jen’s super talented! Anyway, when the book comes out…buy it!

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